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 How to fix «Class 'Zend\Mvc\Controller\LazyControllerAbstractFactory' not found» after upgrading Magento Community or Enterprise from 2.2.x to 2.3.x?


How to fix

Step 1

Set your autoload section in the root’s composer.json file as in Magento 2.3.2:


"autoload": {

    "psr-4": {

        "Magento\\Framework\\": "lib/internal/Magento/Framework/",

        "Magento\\Setup\\": "setup/src/Magento/Setup/",

        "Magento\\": "app/code/Magento/",

        "Zend\\Mvc\\Controller\\": "setup/src/Zend/Mvc/Controller/"


    "psr-0": {

        "": [





    "files": [



    "exclude-from-classmap": [






Step 2

composer dumpautoload

Step 3

Re-run bin/magento setup:upgrade




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