How to create ipv4 or ipv6 PTR record for dedicated server in the Hetzner company?

If your emails going into SPAM and mail servers said that your email sent from server which have no PTR record then this article is for you!


STEPS for ipv4 IP address:

Check your Ipv4 IP address PTR record here or here Usually PTR record for ipv4 created automatically by Hosting provider ( Hetzner in this case ). If not you can ask support to give you right reverseDNS value for ipv4 PTR record.


STEPS for ipv6 IP address:

  1. Go to here and generate Ipv6 PTR reverseDNS value for PTR record. Just paste your full Ipv6 address and copy generated reverseDNS value for PTR record something like this ( example: )
  2. Go to Robot Panel of Hetzner or other provider and insert Ipv6 IP address and value in special fields or ask support to do it for you. In Hetzner in Robot you need to go to
  3. Select server that you want to change and open Ips tab
  4. Scroll down where is Ipv6 records located
  5. Click to Add new Reverse DNS entry and enter your Ipv6 IP address and generated value on step 1
  6. Click to CREATE
  7. DONE

Now you have created Ipv6 REVERSE DNS record named PTR for your dedicated server and mail servers must recognize your server as Known

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